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About Us
Welcome to the digital version of The Jewish Review, A Journal of Judaism, Philosophy, Life and Culture. 

The Jewish Review began publishing in September, 1987. It was our hope "to publish an intelligent, searching and critical review...focusing on such questions as the role of women in Orthodox Judaism, the relevance of Hassidic thought to contemporary Jewish life and the Dialogue between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews." We planned on "publishing in depth interviews with individuals who have struggled with and made a unique contribution to the integration of Jewish tradition with the modern world. The publication developed into one which was known for presenting a broad spectrum of opinions absent any judgmental tone.

True to our goal, we were able to publish important interviews with Adin Steinsaltz, Emmanuel Rackman, z"l, Shlomo Riskin, Norman Lamm and others covering topics such as the problem of the Agunah, the treatment of gays in the Orthodox community, and the feasibility of engaging in true biblical criticism. Our series of interviews and debates between Rabbis Tendler and Bleich on the halachic meaning of "brain death" has still not been matched by any other publication and has recently gained a new currency. We were recognized within the Jewish community as being cutting edge and independent and not afraid to tackle issues which others ignored.

We believe that many of the articles we printed are worth preserving and the internet facilitates both republishing articles and extending their reach beyond our initial efforts. We'd love to hear from you with comments, questions and ideas.

Sandy Drob, Editor-in-Chief
Harris Tilevitz, Publisher



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